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Two Seniors Crossing a Bridge

It was the beginning of a new school year, the middle of a pandemic and the end of an era for these two high school seniors. Almost everybody seems to want their senior portraits to look fantastic - it's one of the few opportunities you have to get professional pictures taken during one's youth and these pictures are immortalized in the senior yearbooks which have become a staple of American schools. Unfortunately, it's usually quite expensive, time consuming and confusing to get photos done professionally. Sometimes people simply resort to taking a somewhat flattering selfie on Snapchat and call it good. This experience was my first time taking pictures of other people and being promised pay. And so my clients got a steal of a deal and I got some valuable experience.

The process was actually a lot of fun - the locations were five minutes away, the clients were friends and fellow musicians, it was a warm, fall day and the lighting was fabulous. I ended up taking hundreds of photos over three hours and two locations and was able to refine that wide selection down to about twenty pictures through consultation with clients. Given that it was not only my first professional

shoot but also a rather last-minute arrangement, I would say that I am happy with these pictures and the whole experience and my clients were satisfied as well.


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