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Thrillingly Cold Water, Cool Pictures!

Emerald Pool is a place you don’t forget. It’s a mineral spring waterfall into a pool over 20 feet deep. It’s a vivid shade of green. It’s cold. If that’s not enough to send you running, there’s an 11 foot cliff perfect for jumping into the pool.

My client had gone to a summer camp and had made the trip out to the Pool multiple times, and her fond memories of the setting made it the perfect spot for her senior photos. She brought two outfits for the occasion - one a typical senior portrait-esque flannel, the other a green dress to suit the ethereal atmosphere surrounding the pool.

Her portraits turned out wonderfully - I’m fairly proud of them. Her choice of location was perfect. Her outfits could not have been better suited (no pun intended) to her aesthetics and the setting. She was truly a fantastic client!

As a sidenote, I have to brag that I jumped into the pool when it was all over.


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