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© Tarb Fela Photography

About TFF

TFF is a blog and a business. The blog and the gallery are showcases of my art and my process, and the business is providing portrait and event photography at a competitive price. The goal of this business is to make portraits available to more people and to give local businesses better publicity. The business and the blog work together; past clients can contribute to the portfolio, and future clients use the portfolio to preview what they are buying.

What is serial photography?

Serial photography is the practice of producing themed images - usually to improve one's own mastery. It also lends itself perfectly to the kind of photographer that I am. My shoots are comprised of short excursions - a walk or a gig with a subject. I collect many pictures of many things at once, and then edit them all at once. Presenting multiple, similar images in small collections and vignettes makes output practical for me, even when life presents itself as a cluttered, busy mess. 

Who am I?

I am a photographer based in Westbrook, Maine, hoping to make a living doing what I love. I take pictures, write music, lead a band, and perform when I can, and I like to share my art and my experiences through the blog and the gallery on this site.

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