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The Blue Building in the Old Port

This picture was taken in the Old Port of Portland, Maine.

This is actually two pictures. From the other side of the street, it was nearly impossible to get the whole building in frame with the 50mm lense I was using that day. Thankfully computers nowadays can put together multiple images with little distortion and little trouble.

Editing the image, on the other hand, was simple enough. You can see the process in the gallery down below. First I cropped the image so that all of the jagged edges went away. Then, I tried to flatten the image out as much as possible. This included turning the haze up and turning contrast all the way up to compensate - a trick I've found myself using a lot lately in Lightroom. I lowered all of the highlights and brought up the shadows so that I could bring the highlights up and shadows back down more selectively in the next panel. Then I messed with the colors, their hues, saturations and, most importantly, their luminances, so that the blues were dark and rich while the browns were almost pastel shades of orange. To finalize the photo I distorted it so that the composition lined up with the vertical axis, and was left with what is one of my personal favorite photographs.


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